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In Marketing, and Review lots of Email Attachments?

In marketing, you’re always on your feet generating content for your consumers. Be it a marketing brochure, a newsletter, a case study or even the latest TV ad. More often than not, you’re constantly bombarding people with a lot of files, and even with all the technology in the world, it’s Gmail which comes out as […]

All About Filing A Design Patent

All About Filing a Design Patent

Sometimes boring stuff is also important. Filing a design patent is one such thing. We must understand that protecting a design from plagiarism is as important as creating it (lessons learnt from Apple and Samsung fiasco). In this article, we will try to understand the entire design patent filing procedure in a simple way. Types of Patents […]

Top 5 Graphic Designers of the month- May edition

Top 5 graphic designers of the month

Hello folks, I hope you guys are beating the summer! As always, we are back to inspire you a little more with the best designs that caught our eye this month. Here is the list of the top 5 graphic designers of May. Tom Lane Tom Lane, popularly known as Ginger Monkey, is an independent […]

How to use video annotations effectively?

How to use video annotations effectively?

Video annotations have a bad history. They were used by the video creators to spam their viewers. Most of the times they were links to unrelated videos, advertisements, etc. Misplaced annotations feel like unwanted doorbells during a football match. We want our viewers to have a smooth and uninterrupted video experience. Annotating videos in a […]

‘SUPERB’ Principles for Mixing Fonts


Mixing fonts is an important part of any project. Using just one font exclusively can work for some projects but mostly varying typefaces create the maximum emphasis. Selecting a font palette for any project can be both challenging and rewarding. Here is a set of ‘SUPERB’ principles that works best for me when mixing fonts. […]

Top 5 Tools for Creating Infographics

Top 5 Tools for Creating Infographics

It is a proven fact, that humans brains process images faster than written data. People want to understand the content quickly without any complexities. They want their data to be shown in short and crisp manner. Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible.I will stop elongating the introduction, otherwise this text will […]

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