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5 Ted Talks for Creative People

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“Ted talks” are all about amazing people, sharing their amazing ideas, in front of an amazing audience. These path-breaking ideas have the potential to change the world. The speakers invited in Ted talks are already at the top of their careers. Their life stories inspire us to look at things happening around us in a […]

Say Hi to Framebench Next!

Say Hi to Framebench Next!

The Framebench team has been working on something super awesome for the past few months. And after deep introspection into how you all use Framebench, we thought of taking Framebench a step ahead… to the next level! So it is finally… without any further ado, lemme introduce you to Framebench Next. What’s New? 1. Its […]

Artist or Designer? Find yourself!

Artist or Designer? Find yourself!

Creative people generally face a lot of introspective questions about their abilities. Art and Design, both require creativity and that causes a lot of confusion among artists and designers about who they are. I know that “to find yourself” is not the easiest thing to do, but we should be clear about what we want and what […]

Top 5 Graphic Designers of the month – April edition

Top 5 Graphic Designers of the month - April edition

Hello Design enthusiasts, As promised, we’re back with the top 5 graphic designers of this month. All of these designers have simply brilliant portfolios on Behance, which is the go-to place for creatives for inspiration from top web designers and agencies. Without further ado, lemme talk about my favs for the month: Marcelo Schultz Marcelo Schultz is […]

Top 5 Game Engines For Developers

Top 5 Game Engines for Developers

“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.” (Half-Life 2) Want to develop a game of your own? Well, you need to know few things before you decide on the tools you are going to use. There are so many options available in the market that it’s not easy […]

Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Designer Should Follow

Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Designer Should Follow

One of the most important thing for a designer is to keep up with latest design trends, tools and techniques. This is a must read if you’re an inchoate design enthusiast. Keeping up with latest trends is easy when you’ve right tools and sources to follow. Listed below are some of best sources that deliver […]