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Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Designer Should Follow

Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Designer Should Follow

One of the most important thing for a designer is to keep up with latest design trends, tools and techniques. This is a must read if you’re an inchoate design enthusiast. Keeping up with latest trends is easy when you’ve right tools and sources to follow. Listed below are some of best sources that deliver […]

7 Best iPad Apps for Designers

7 Best iPad Apps for Designers

A designer always needs a pencil, eraser and a sketch book so when an idea strikes, he/she can instantly note/draw it down before that idea is lost in a cloud of thoughts. Well… in todays era, you can replace all those tools with a single app. An app that’ll actually be a bundle of all […]

Top 5 Graphic Designers of the month – March edition

Top 5 graphic designers of the month - March

Graphic design is an extremely hot creative field in the world right now. The art of communicating visually is one of the most sought after skillset by some of the top notch companies. Here is a list of top 5 graphic designers that caught my eye this month. 1) Shaivalini Kumar, India Shaivalini, is a graduate […]

mxHero – Do More Than Just Managing Emails

The Best GMail Extensions Series - mxHero

Tired of problems with email management? Regular email users know how emails can some times get frustrating and may cost you dearly. Scheduling emails is one of the most common issues people face all the time. There might have been times when you didn’t receive a reply and are clueless if you’re being ignored or if your […]

Customize Gmail the way you want it – Gmelius

The Best GMail Extensions - Gmelius

Useless advertisements, mail tracking, Google+ notifications, email labels, category tabs et al Gmail has evolved greatly over the past few years. While some of you might want to reduce the time you spend on email, there is a possibility that a major chunk of your work involves email. Despite the world moving towards custom experience, […]

5 Mantras to Improve Productivity with Email

5 Mantras to Improve Productivity with Email

If you went on a “House of Cards” watching spree, the amount of time you would spend would actually be less than the time spent each week dealing with email… Ever thought of simple ways that can improve your email communication and thus, your daily productivity? Here is a list of 5 mantras to improve […]