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Customize Gmail the way you want it – Gmelius

The Best GMail Extensions - Gmelius

Useless advertisements, mail tracking, Google+ notifications, email labels, category tabs et al Gmail has evolved greatly over the past few years. While some of you might want to reduce the time you spend on email, there is a possibility that a major chunk of your work involves email. Despite the world moving towards custom experience, […]

5 Mantras to Improve Productivity with Email

If you went on a “House of Cards” watching spree, the amount of time you would spend would actually be less than the time spent each week dealing with email… Ever thought of simple ways that can improve your email communication and thus, your daily productivity? Here is a list of 5 mantras to improve […]

Annotate Gmail Attachments Extension Updated to 0.20

We’ve updated our Chrome Extension for Gmail making it more stable. Please find an entire changelog below. Added the minimize option so that you can return back to your email as the document loads. No more waiting! Asks for login to the Google account when you first install the extension. Handles the case when you’re signed […]

Super Guide to Web Wisdom


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin   Here are a few websites spreading knowledge to the world and in the process generating significant interest: Design Pepper – A Drip of Javascript If you are a javascript enthusiast “A Drip of Javascript” is a fabulous website where you can earn a hint […]

Worst Design Trends 2014

Worst Design Trends

A website is a collection of documents known as webpages or pages that contain information like images, words, digital media and so on. In today’s world, almost everything has become online, which helps to communicate, advertise, promote ideas or businesses to people all around the world with just a click. Having a website means having a […]

Know When Someone Reads Your Email – MailTrack

The Best GMail Extensions Series

This post is the 3rd in our series of Awesome Gmail Extensions for You. Find all the posts here: Best Gmail Extensions Just clicked ‘Send’ in Gmail and now waiting for the other person to read it? This can get agonizing at times. Be it a sales presentation you just sent or a resume sent to […]