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Worst Design Trends 2014

Worst Design Trends

A website is a collection of documents known as webpages or pages that contain information like images, words, digital media and so on. In today’s world, almost everything has become online, which helps to communicate, advertise, promote ideas or businesses to people all around the world with just a click. Having a website means having a [...]

Know When Someone Reads Your Email – MailTrack

The Best GMail Extensions Series

This post is the 3rd in our series of Awesome Gmail Extensions for You. Find all the posts here: Best Gmail Extensions Just clicked ‘Send’ in Gmail and now waiting for the other person to read it? This can get agonizing at times. Be it a sales presentation you just sent or a resume sent to [...]

How to use Gmail for Collaboration?


With advent of internet, superior technology and supporting gadgets, connecting with remote team or a client is very easy. It is so simple and elementary that, not only big fat multinational companies, but even start-ups and SMEs are collaborating online with their remote teams. Before we proceed, to know how we can turn Gmail into [...]

Tools to Review and Annotate PDFs Online

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Due to their universal compatibility and excellent security, PDF’s have now become the standard means of saving work related documents. So we inevitably receive emails everyday containing PDF’s as attachments. We then download these files and review them. Pretty soon our computer is filled with surprising number of documents, making sorting and searching difficult. To [...]

Can You Use Email For Collaboration? Niraj Rout of Grexit Says YES!

The Best GMail Extensions Series (1)

Quick, how many tools come to your mind when I say ‘Collaboration’? All kinds of web conferencing tools, messengers, project management software etc etc right? And how many times have you hated these software for not exactly doing what you want them to? Well, what if you found a tool which would help your team collaborate [...]

10 Cool Email Hacks for Gmail


Gmail’s best features are tucked away in its nooks and crannies. There are endless email hacks hidden in Google’s email platform, which turned 10 this year. You already know that Gmail beats most email providers with its endless customization capabilities, Google product integrations, and a fantastic spam filter. Take it to the next level with these [...]