Framebench Reporting to Basecamp!

Literally! We just landed as the most awesomely fantastical extra for the project management tool being loved by millions across the world – Basecamp.

Framebench + Basecamp We’re launching our full fledged integration with both Basecamp Next and Basecamp Classic today which allows Framebench users to take advantage of their superior project management capabilities while Basecamp users get to add a visual collaboration layer to their projects.

Why Basecamp?

We have always wanted to play to our strengths which have been allowing users to share, review and converse on multimedia. But we realize how closely project management connects to the Framebench workflow. We asked around and no guesses there that Basecamp was used widely among the design community, freelancers and larger companies alike. With the ideologies of lean software development matching as well, it was the perfect match! So, what all does this thing do?

1. Export your Discussions to Basecamp

Once you connect a Framebench workspace to a Basecamp project, we’ll post all the comments you make on Framebench into the basecamp feed as a discussion. This happens every two hours to make sure that we’re aggregating these threads properly. Nothing to do here, we’ll do it all for you!

So if all of your team is already on Basecamp, we bring visual review closer to it as everything discussed on Framebench automatically gets into the one project view. Of course, you could always come back and add to the conversations on Framebench.

Basecamp connects with Framebench

2. Create to-do items from comments

We’ve all wasted time copy-pasting feedback into PM software and converting it into tasks. We’ll save you the hardwork as you can do that with a click. In the discussions tab, you can quickly create to-dos from the comments that you’ve given. You can check them off in Basecamp thereon.

Redundancy is the enemy and this feature would help you quickly create tasks from the comments being left on your content. You can also set due dates and assign it to people from Framebench itself.

Export comments as Basecamp todos

3. Add your users to the workspace

When you’ve already setup projects on Basecamp and defined users, we’ll simply let you add those to the Framebench workspace as well. Just going that extra mile to make sure you work faster!

This will be included into Framebench as a pro feature but for people signing up till the 15th of August, we’re offering it in the free plan for 3 months! If you’re already a member, login for your special reward!




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