Get Started with our Basecamp Integration

Integrate Framebench with Basecamp

4 steps to get started with Basecamp integration in your Framebench workspace.

How to manage client feedback for designers

Tips to manage client feedback

52 slides on how to manage client feedback, especially for designers

Share your files on Framebench via public links.

The best way to share files for feedback

Learn how you can share your files on Framebench via public links.

Latest Stories

How to use Yammer with Framebench?

Framebench lets Yammer users collaborate over any file type with all of their team! It simplifies the entire creation and review process, and saves you a ton of time spent in sending files back and forth between your team. With TableTop Sync, your team has the ability to host realtime discussions over content. This enables you to present, markup, annotate and comment contextually – everyone online will stay on the same page.… Continue reading

What is Online Collaboration ?

Online collaboration is one such method that gives the ease of access to work together with your team online simultaneously. Over the last few years, online collaboration has got a few adjustments done and all we can say, yes, it is better than ever. The World Wide Web has exploded with information, there are new ideas created, implemented, and trashed every day.… Continue reading

What exactly is TableTop Sync?

Framebench is built around the concept of making things faster and easier. And we have a ton of features which enable you to do this. If you notice we’ve focused quite a lot on making things real time which surely is what today’s internet is about.


The very first versions of Framebench  also had the feature users value the most: real time sync of the screen which we call TableTop Sync.… Continue reading

Framebench – The Amazing tool for Online Collaboration

Online collaboration helps groups of people work collectively in real-time over the Internet. Those engaged in online collaboration can work together on word processor documents, Power Point presentations and even use it for brainstorming, all without needing to be in the same room at the same time. There are many online collaboration tools available, which can help your team accomplish its goals.… Continue reading

A Practical Guide to Lean Prototyping

It is famously said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but if you are someone who has ever prototyped, you would agree that “A prototype is worth a thousand pictures”. Protoyping is the first step towards a product that is beatuiful inside-out and truely use-able.

Ques: What’s a prototype?
Ans: Early version of an idea.
Correct Ans: Testable early version of an idea.… Continue reading

8 Web Based Tools Architects & Interior Designers Should be Using in 2014

As Architects, you have a lot of time spent thinking about doing your work to the best of your ability. And surely, if you’re doing well you’re using a lot of software that’s helping you do your work faster. Another reason you might be considering using some great software in your workflow is to automate the repetitive and boring tasks so that you can worry about the important tasks at hand.… Continue reading

Framebench and Google Hangouts now work together!

We have recently introduced the capability to hold video calls while working on Framebench. We are leveraging the most popular video conferencing service on the web. You can now launch Google Hangouts right from your Framebench workspace. With a few clicks, you will be face to face with your team and start discussing your files visually.

Here is how you go about starting a Hangout.… Continue reading

Sharing Files for Feedback Was Never This Easy!!

For the past few months we have been working really hard to make Framebench more open, more accessible to teams and a central hub for all your creative work and research. Today, we are launching the first phase of this initiative. Sharing files on Framebench via links.

You can now share your Framebench files publicly. Getting feedback on your files just  got a whole lot easier, a simple click does the trick.… Continue reading

How to Transfer Large Media Files (above 25MB)?

Have some large presentation or videos you need to quickly and securely transfer? Email attachments won’t work due to the data limits on service providers and FTPs are just too much of a hassle.

Here are 2 ways explained stepwise to do this like a superhero.

1. Use a file sync service like Dropbox
If you already have an account on one of the file sync services like Dropbox, Box, Drive, Skydrive(Onedrive) or Copy.… Continue reading

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